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About the Show

All the culture that popped, one year at a time. Fuzzy Memories is the podcast that celebrates the good, the rad and the fugly of the 80s and 90s. Three latchkey kids who made it out alive break down everything from Madonna and Masters of the Universe to Twin Peaks and Titanic. Join us to celebrate the hits, the misses and the misfits of the weirdest decades.

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Your Hosts


Heath Smith

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Heath is a businessperson and podcaster who was once asked by a cast member of MTV’s Road Rules if he was from Puerto Rico. In his free time, he enjoys Mariah Carey a normal and healthy amount.


Erin Johnston

Erin is a human, despite what the picture implies. She would love to meet Keith Morrison and have a conversation while leaning on a fence, possibly in matching Converse shoes. In the meantime, she is a business owner and podcaster.


Amy Lee Lillard

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Amy is a writer and podcaster who's apparently running an unofficial wildlife preserve in her backyard. Friends have called her witchy, and she strives to live up to that everyday. More at:

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